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Board Members

Commodore:——— Joe DuBose
The Commodore is the chief executive officer of the Kona Sailing Club and as such oversees all aspects of the clubs operations:

Vice Commodore:– Alicia Starsongi
The Vice Commodore is the assistant to the Commodore and as such has the same responsibilities of the Commodore in the Commodore’s absence:

Rear Bob
The Rear Commodore is the assistant to the Vice Commodore and Shall oversee all water-based activities:

Secretary:———— Billy Funk
The Secretary is to keep and publish an accurate record of club meetings and maintain an archive of those records and any other records of pertinence to the operation and history of the club:

Port Captain:—— Michael Gaines
The Port Captain is in charge of the Clubhouse and Parking areas maintenance and assigned boat parking. 

Social Events:—— Michaela Draper

Newsletter:———-Currently not being published.

Note: This website is for the purpose of posting news and information about the club activities.
If you have any suggestions for content, or any objections to any content, wish to submit photos or have information from which the club would benefit. Please forward them to Once you submit items to the club, they will be considered club property for use on our website and or newsletter.


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