Aloha KSC Members

This year we will be conducting our annual election online, there will be no paper ballot.
We have five open positions and six members on the ballot this year.  Voting is open from 9 am today (10Dec2018) through noon (HST) on 31 December 2018. 

Please read the following instructions – 

 – In order to vote you will need to log in to the website – – and cast your vote.  There is a new Welcome screen for all members, and you should see your ballot on this screen.
 – You may vote for as many as five members for the open positions.  You may only vote once, regardless of how many candidates you vote for when you cast your ballot.
 – If you are a Single or Corinthian membership, you are entitled to one ballot.  If you are a Family membership, you are entitled to two ballots – these must be for different members of your family with different logins and emails.
 – If you have a Family Membership and did not register a second account and email address for voting, please contact – and Kim will sort it out for you, should you wish to claim your second ballot.
 – If you are an Associate, Junior or Student member, you do not have voting privileges as part of your membership and you will not be able to cast a vote.
We will post the results in early January before the Holiday Party.  You may now purchase tickets or RSVP if you wish to pay at the door.  
Good luck to all candidates and mahalo for volunteering
Commodore Michaela