Kona Sailing Club 2021 Board of Directors

Michaela Draper, Commodore

Michaela is first female commodore of the club, previously having served on the BOD in various capacities.  This is her second term serving as commodore; she was elected again by the BOD in January.

Hailing from Tamworth, England, she moved to the island a few years ago.  Her first encounter with KSC was in 2009 when she met a couple of members at a match racing event being held at Kaneohe Yacht Club.

She participated in the 2012 Pac Cup on Buzz Off, with several other club members. She also owns and races a Johnson 18, Quackers, and participates in as many club events as possible.

Alicia Starsong, Vice Commodore

I started sailing in college after meeting my 1st husband on a sunset sail.   We cruised the Calif coast around Cabos San Lucas into the Sea of Cortez.  Upon arriving in Hilo in 1980 we received such a warm welcome decided return a few years later and stayed for a couple of years.

After another stint on the mainland I returned again in 1997 and stayed.  I met husband #2, Daniel Starsong at the Kona Sailing Club.  15 years ago I founded the Big Island Sailing Foundation and have been striving to facilitate youth and women’s sailing.

​Brad Weinmann, Rear Commodore

Second year board member Brad likes parrots, apparently, and has upgraded to Rear Commodore for this year.  Brad’s enthusiasm and energy will help the club’s on the water activities flourish. 

Judith Funk, Secretary

Originally from Indiana.  New to sailing and want to learn all that I can.

Moved to Hawaii in 2015.  Love living in Hawaii and motorcycling around the island with my husband.  We own Buzz Off, the Henderson 30. 

Joe Dubose, Port Captain

Joe Dubose has been active in the club since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and holds the record for number of times as commodore, currently at 6.  Joe participated in the 2012 Pac Cup on Buzz Off, as well as numerous other events on that boat and others.

He owns Summer Wind, a Spirit 23, and races in the B class.  You can often find him drinking beer and mowing the lawn at the club in the evenings.

Liz Crabtree, Treasurer

I have lived in Hawaii for 30 years with a strong background in accounting and property management, and I am a licensed Hawaii  Broker.  My family has been sailing in Kona for the last few years and have enjoyed the new friends we have made.

Michael Gaines, Port Captain

Michael Gaines

Active sailor and racer, and long time Board member.  Michael is also an active supporter of Wahine Weekend at the club.

​Daniel Starsong

I became interested in sailing as a young teen and read a book on the basics from the library.  I applied my book learning by renting a dingy on San Diego’s Mission Bay.   Evidently, the operator of the rental place had cut down the centerboards or their boats to prevent capsizes.  When I turned up wind to return the boat, I made about as much leeway as forward motion, so I had to pay extra for returning the boat late (learning a valuable lesson about leeway).

I have made three Trans-Pacific crossings on vessels ranging from 24 – 70 ft.   The smallest vessel was my Islander 24, Injoy, on which I was captain, navigator (celestial) with my girlfriend at the time.  It took 23 days from Santa Cruz, CA to Kawaihae.

I’ve been a member of KSC since the early 1980’s.  Currently I am a KSC Board member, as well as treasurer of Big Island Sailing Foundation, which does kids sailing programs; and Partner in Aloha Sailing LLC which teaches adults.   I also work as a boat captain for Dolphin Discoveries, and self-employed doing welding, boat & trailer repair.   

Club News & UPdates

​Membership Director

Open position.

Social Events

​Social Director

Open position.

Chuck George, Vice Commodore

Chuck George

Third year Board member Chuck George is an active club member, participating in numerous activities.  Chuck is a very visible member, attending all workdays and volunteering to help other members with nearly any project.

Billy Funk, Director
Billy Funk, Director

Billy Funk

I grew up in the Midwest where I met my wife Judy. I have worked in engineering almost my entire career which eventually brought me to Hawai’i. My interest in sailing started in my 30s where I was fascinated by the intense racing community on Lake Michigan. I was never able to get on a crew and vowed to one day buy my own racing boat which happened a few years ago with my purchase of a project boat, Buzz Off, a Henderson 30.

​Christian Bay

Born and raised in Denmark, consisting of no less than 527 islands, gave me many opportunities as a child ​to sail in the short season from April / May to August / September.

Almost every summer me and my brother sailed ​- ​​with my dad as a captain – ​the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Finnis​h​ waters or down south ​from Denmark ​through the Kieler Canal to Lands End in Cornwall or towards the Atlantic coastline in France. Our dad was a​ teacher with respect for the power of the ocean, wind and current and we got taught well.