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Important Race Related Documents

Fun racing with friends!


While racing is a pretty casual affair here at KSC, it is always our goal to host safe events where a good time can be had by all. 

And of course there are times when volunteers may need some guidance or instruction to make sure they are properly setting a mark, or that they understand the basic racing rules of sailing.

We’ve compiled this list of links to helpful documents and diagrams that you may find useful  –

|     Standing NOR     – Notice of Race

|     Sailing Instructions     – Permanent Sailing Instructions

|     KSC Course Sheet – August 2018 Revision    – Diagram of racing area and list of race courses used

|     Starting Sequence & Other Racing Flags     – Flag sequences and pertinent flags for racing

|     Racing Rules Primer     – Brush up on the rules you need to know

|     Officer of the Day Checklist     – what you need to do for a successful race day

|     International Code Flags     

|     Protest Form