Join Us at Kona Sailing Club


Membership Costs

$125 –     Annual Family Membership (Big Island residents and family members)

$100 –      Annual Single Membership (Big Island residents age 31 and older)

$ 50 –      Annual Corinthian/Young Single Membership (Big Island residents age 19-30) 

$ 50 –      Annual Associate/Paddling Membership (Off island resident/ Paddling members) Associate is non-voting membership.

$ 10 –      Annual Junior Membership (Big Island resident age <18)


New Member Initiation Fees

$125 –     Family membership

$100 –      Single membership

$ 50 –      Associate/Paddling/Corinthian membership

$ 10 –      Junior membership



We love new members!

In order to start the new membership process, select the type of membership based on your qualifications. 

Please complete the application online and submit it to the club.

All potential new members are strongly encouraged to attend the next Board of Directors meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the KSC clubhouse in Honokohau Harbor.

New membership applicants will be introduced to the KSC Board at the beginning of the meeting.

If you can not attend the Board of Directors meeting, please submit the form online and the Membership Director will contact you directly about your application.

Payment is not due until after your application is approved by the Board.   Please bring your checkbook or the correct amount in cash to the board meeting.  

Initiation fee is a one time charge when your membership is activated.

Thank you for your interest in the Kona Sailing Club.


Start your application. 



New Member Application

Please fill out and submit the form electronically.  Once your application has been approved by the board, payment will be collected at the board meeting.