Kona Sailing Club Notice of Race 2024


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The Kona Sailing Club
PO BOX 2996
Kailua Kona, HI 96745


The 2024 Series and stand-alone races will be governed by the current The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) with US SAILING prescriptions, except as any of these are altered by Kona Sailing Club Standing Sailing instructions (available at KSC).  Kona Sailing Club is the organizing authority.

2. Eligibility and entry

2.1 Boats owned by a Kona Sailing Club, another Hawaii Yacht Racing Association (HYRA) club member or a sailing/paddling focused 501c3 corporation.    

2.2 Participants are required to enter by completing an entry/release form and submitting it prior to race, with an entry fee of $20.00 or Series prepaid fee of $75.

2.3  If not the owner, the person in charge for each race must be a member of KSC, a club affiliated with HYRA or by prior arrangement, a member of another club recognized by US Sailing or ISAF.


The Portsmouth handicap rating system is used.
M Multihull
A – Planing monohulls (generally boats with handicap of 91 or less)
B  Non-planing monohulls.
Other classes may be added by prior agreement with the Rear Commodore.


4.1  The 2024 race days are:

4.2  The Warning signal will be at 11:55 each day for the first class to start race 1, except for the Kawaihae Rally.  A 2nd race may be started shortly after the last finisher in the prior race.


The racing area for series will be on the Kona Coast of the Big Island approximately one to three miles north or south of the Honokohau Harbor entrance.  Stand-alone race area may vary in the manner described in Sailing Instructions.


The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A2, Series Scoring, of the RRS will apply.


Ribbons will be awarded for boats placing first, second, and third in each race.  A trophy or award will be given at the end of each Series for boats placing first, second, and third in fleets with three or more participants.


Competitors in KSC events participate entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority, KSC, will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after a race.  It is the responsibility of each skipper to competently inform their crew of the risks of sailboat racing, to make sure their crew understands and accepts those risks, to decide whether their crew is competent and their equipment adequate for the event, and to decide whether to start or continue in a race.


Kona Sailing Club Standing Sailing Instructions will be posted on the club bulletin board.    

For further information, please contact the following: