The Officer of the Day duties are handled together by the PRO (Race Officer) and the Grillmaster (Social Officer).


The PRO/Race Officer is responsible for organizing and running the day’s racing events, and the Grillmaster/Social Officer is responsible for managing the social activities after racing and making sure the club is in ship shape.

____ Rear Commodore to discuss course and setting of the mark(s).  REMEMBER… The Rear Commodore has the FINAL say regarding safety and layout of race course

____ Race Committee volunteers, or others who are going to help you run the race properly

As the PRO you will need to manage the following:

____ Crew to launch race committee boat, set mark(s)

____ Person to take sign-ins and collect money at Skippers meeting

____ Person to conduct Skippers meeting

____ Crew to set start/finish mark, start race, and take finish times

____ Person to make sure the committee boat has been properly cleaned, the engine has been given a freshwater flush and all equipment has been rinsed and stowed in the race room.

____ Person to compute race results and make sure all the paperwork is filled out correctly, and entered into the HAL race program on the club computer

____ Person to write names of winners on back of ribbons and print and post the results on the board


On the day of the event, you are responsible for the following tasks:

____ Clubhouse open by 10:00am (visiting sailors looking to crew are told to arrive at the picnic tables at 0930 and wait)

____ Flags (USA-STATE-BURGEES) Raised

____ Skippers Meeting Start on time

____ Collection of Race Fees & Sign-in (cash payments only, please use club tablet for signups and for non-cash payments collection)

____ ENTIRE Conduct of race from Start to Posting of Results

____ Take down and re-fold all flags.

____Make sure ALL switches and TIMER are OFF

____ Lock-up Clubhouse


Grillmaster/Social Officer Duties

One week prior to Race you have signed up for, you should contact:

____ All club members via email to remind them to sign up for potluck, and to tell them what the theme will be if you have one (Social Director may opt to do this for you)

On the day of the event, you are responsible for the following tasks:

____ Are Clubhouse and Grounds CLEAN?

____ Are Trash cans empty ?

____ Post-Race Pot-Luck and Bar-b-que (do not forget your receipt for reimbursement from the Treasurer)

____ Collection of cash from those not bringing pot-luck (use tablet to sign up and check in attendees who did not RSVP prior)

____ Collection of cash for club merchandise (hats, shirts, etc) and use of tablet for merchandise using credit/debit/Paypal

____ Turning over to Treasurer all monies collected along with a list of what came from where: Race Fees, Pot-Luck, T-Shirts/Visor

____ Store away all tables and chairs, clean the grill, sweep the floors, empty all trash cans and install new liners.



REMEMBER: You only have to do this ONCE a year…Have fun!