Aloha KSC Members!

The new KSC website has launched, and now it’s time for you to learn how to use it to make your life easier – and to make it easier on our club volunteers who spend so much time coordinating racing and social events, and keeping track of participation and payments.

The new website is designed to work on all devices – PC/laptop, tablet, and smartphone. 

What does the new website actually do?

Please read through to the end of this post, we are going to address the following topics and give you a quick how-to for using the site to handle these tasks – 

  1.  Dry Storage payments and participation tracking for discounts
  2.  Race Entry signups for Fall Series
  3.  GrillMaster and Potluck attendance signups
  4.  PRO and Race Committee volunteer signups


Dry storage payments and participation tracking –

If your boat is in the dry storage area at KSC, you are likely aware that your total amount billed is based on a couple of factors – size of your boat, how often you pay, and your participation in club events.

For this renewal period, you will receive an invoice via Paypal in the next couple of days for your dry storage payment.  The payment is due by September 1, and you will have the option of using Paypal to pay it.  Paypal offers the option of credit/debit card payment without an account as well.  If you need to make other arrangements, please speak to Gerry, our Treasurer (you can use the Contact Form).

Your calculated amount – the one that you are initially billed for – takes into account whether or not you have participated in the required number of club events in the previous period (set by the BOD, if you need a copy of the memo, please request one), and whether or not you are paying in full for the period.  If you are not paying in full, you will need to make arrangements with the Treasurer or the Port Captain, and your additional 10% discount for full payment will NOT apply.

Beginning with this period, you must use the website to sign up for events such as Casual Racing, Potluck, Club Work Days, etc in order to accrue activities that count towards your 20% dry storage participation discount – please remember that participation is a requirement for dry storage eligibility.

NOTE: At the moment, you do not need to login in order to sign up for events or to pay.

Race Entry Signups

We are rapidly approaching the start of the Fall Series – Aug 26 is the first day of racing, along with the potluck.  We will be publishing a new course chart before the first race in the Series and we will also publish a blog/Facebook update with the new chart.

You can sign up for the entire series here – – and receive a 10% discount for pre-paying for the entire series.  Otherwise you may sign up for individual days by using the Events Calendar links – –  or the sidebar links to navigate to the specific date.

Sidebar Screenshot


Paying for an Event Signup

When you use the online signup, you are able to pay for your events via Paypal, credit or debit card, which means you can accrue HawaiianMiles or other rewards points depending on what credit or debit card you use to pay.  🙂

pay here


GrillMaster, PRO, Race Committee Volunteer Signup

For each Casual Racing Day, the club needs volunteers –

  1. One Grillmaster
  2. One PRO/Officer of the Day – see the PRO/OD checklist here –
  3. 2-3 Race Committee Volunteers

Since these are limited positions, the website is structured to only allow the correct number of people per day to volunteer for these jobs.

If you see that there are no positions available for the specific date you are interested in volunteering, that is because someone else has already signed up for that date.

Please choose another date and sign up in that case.

Date Already Taken Please Choose Another

Potluck Attendance

Potluck and other events that do not require payment simply need an RSVP.

RSVP here -


Signup Confirmation

When you sign up online to participate in an event, you will receive a confirmation via email, in the form of a ticket to the event.  The club has recently purchased a tablet and wi-fi hotspot, and someone at the club will be using the tablet during events to check attendance against signups.

If you have not signed up online, you will be asked to complete a signup at the club.

confirmation and event ticket


You do not need to print a copy of your confirmation, although you may want to keep a copy for your records at home.  You can do this by saving the email confirmation, either in your inbox or somewhere else on your computer.

Going forward…

The website moves a bit more slowly than we would like (consider it “island time” if you will), and we are in the process of upgrading in order to make it faster.

If you find any issues, have trouble signing up or paying for an event, or have any other questions or problems with the site, please let me know by using the Contact the Club form on this page –

choose your topic here

You can also use the form for questions about other topics, such as Payments & Billing, Casual Racing, Social Events, etc, and the correct volunteer member at the club will receive your question and get back to you as soon as they can.


Last but certainly not least…

Club members are encouraged to add blog articles and pictures from events.  Each club member has the ability to log in and write a blog post, and once it’s been approved, it will be posted on the website.  Krisha Mayes, Billy Funk, the Starsongs, and Commodore Michaela have already started posting.

These posts are automatically updated on the club Facebook page – and are also part of the Member Newsletter that is emailed to everyone when there is something to report.

Mahalo and have a great day!

Kim Stuart