Welcome KSC Board Members


Welcome KSC Board Members!   Remember, being active here is a great way to get participation from our membership! So please be active in the crows nest, create a post for the website, and most of all… Have Fun! 



Your Commodore


Mahalo Board Members!

If you need help with anything in the website or administration links, I’m happy to help you. 

We have a growing collection of videos and instructions to help you with your BOD duties (as it pertains to the website), if you encounter issues or have requests, please let me know – webmaster@konasailingclub.org and just put the problem in the subject line, explain briefly in the body of the email and I’ll help you as quickly as I can.

I’m happy to make screen videos with instructions, so ask for them if you want them!

Thanks!  Kim

How To Videos

This quick 2 minute video details how to get the logo into the email campaign.  A couple of people have struggled with that, so I did a quick update that only covers the actual campaign creation. 

BOD members with Mailchimp account access –

Using the Mailchimp account to send out emails to the club members – 

I’ve created a short video that details how to use the Mailchimp platform to create and send emails to the members.  If you have any questions, let me know, and we will get it sorted out.  If you do not have a Mailchimp account and think you should have access, please speak with Michaela.

Full screen option  – tap the square icon in the lower right options on the video screen. 

Private posts that are intended for members only — 

I’ve done a quick screen shot video of how to set posts to be Private.  The Secretary will normally upload the BOD meeting minutes in this format, but there might be other reasons for using it.

Again, full screen control option is in the lower right hand options row.