Aloha Sailors

Many thanks to those who have volunteered to stand for election to the 2020 Kona Sailing Club Board of Directors!  

Voting opens today,  and will close on Dec 31st.  Voting will be managed online, just like last year.  If you are a regular Member, you will have a single vote.  If you have a Family Membership, then you and your spouse or other designated family member will each have one vote.  Junior, Student, and Associate membership classes do not vote.

You will need to log into the website in order to vote, and the slate will be presented in electronic ballot form.  Once you have voted, you will not be able to change your vote.

A couple of things –

We will be sending out another email – specifically to members with voting privileges, but voting is open as of now if you want to log in and cast your vote.  If you log in and are unable to vote, please contact myself or use the form in the Member Area to report the problem.

****If you are a new member this year with a family membership and your spouse or other designated person has not been registered for a website account, please use the form in the Member Area, as these go directly to the webmaster and she will reach out to you in order to set up the account. 

Your new Board will be introduced to you at the Holiday Party on January 11th.

Good luck to all candidates.
Commodore Michaela